Are You Surviving, but not really living the life you would like?Man alone on bench - Counseling can help

Are You Tired of getting through another day only to wake up to the same old problem, situation, conflict, struggle, pain, boredom?

Are You Unsure how to move from where you’re at to where you would like to be?

Are You Ready to try something different to get something different, something better?

Would You Like More of what you desire. Are willing to take a closer look at your life, to take a few risks and make a few changes?

Let Me Offer You Hope

Change is more than just a possibility. It will happen if you are open and are willing to pursue it. I pursue it alone, which is where counseling can help. One of the most helpful aspects of counseling is how it gives you new ways of seeing the world around you and the choices you have everyday that can make a positive difference in your life.Positive change doesn’t take a miracle, but it does take action. And you don’t have to see positive change with those I work with as they discover new ways of experiencing life and how to relate to those around them.

Finding What You Desire

I know what it is like to have unfulfilled hopes, dreams, relationships and career… to want more out of life and not know how to get it… and to feel alone and powerless in the process.

I have success and enjoy working with those who want more and have the desire to pursue it. Call it what you want, therapy, counseling, coaching, but what I know is that it can and will make a difference.

Please give me a call and let’s have a conversation to see how I can be of help. This won’t cost you anything except a little of your time.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Mark Tinley

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (Lic # 52487)


Office: Downtown Los Angeles