Tired of the Having the Same Argument Over and Over?

Couples / Marriage counseling could be the answer to saving your relationship and being happy together again.

Find out how this Downtown LA marriage therapist can help…


Relationship struggles can be incredibly painful. The emotional turmoil can feel like you’re being torn apart inside.

You may be so distracted by your problems that it is hard to function.

On the other hand, you might feel numb and fed up. You just can’t deal with the struggle or distance between the two of you any longer.

You may have considered throwing in the towel because you can’t see a way that the two of you can repair the damage in your relationship…

If you’re willing to invest in your relationship, marriage therapy can solve your problems and bring you closer together.

Here are some issues couples come to counseling with me for:

  • You fight too much and can’t resolve your disagreementsCouple Connecting
  • You hardly speak to one another; your distant and cool to each another
  • You don’t feel heard or cared for by your partner
  • Intimacy and expressing caring and love in your relationship is rare
  • You’re worried that you’re headed towards breaking up if things don’t improve soon

You may feel discouraged and skeptical that couples counseling can help.

One thing you do know is:

What you’ve been doing isn’t working.

Entering couples counseling with your partner involves taking a risk – a risk to commit to each other and your relationship so that you can have a better relationship than you’ve ever had before.

Counseling can help, if you’re willing to take that risk.


Key Benefits That Couples Counseling Can Provide:

  • Heal the pain that you both experiencehappy couple
  • Discover new ways of relating to each other and skills to manage your differences
  • Become closer than you’ve been before – emotionally and physically
  • Feel stronger, more secure, and confident as individuals, which will help you as a couple
  • Increase your commitment to each other and feel optimistic about your future together

Why Should You Trust Me as Your Couples Counselor?

Mark Tinley

Hi, my name is Mark Tinley. I’m a mature, experienced couples therapist who is passionate about helping couples solve their problems and develop a stronger, more intimate relationship with each other.

As a couples therapist, I’m practical in my approach. My focus is goal-directed and client centered. I follow your lead in that you tell me your goals and then we work towards achieving them.

I don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches.

I’m flexible and use whatever methods that work best for you and your unique relationship. I want you to make the changes in yourself and the relationship that are going to work for you in the context of who you are and your desires.

Are you ready to take the step towards saving your relationship and deepening your intimacy?

If so, contact me. We’ll have a no-charge conversation where you tell me what you need and I’ll tell you how I will help.