Life Doesn’t Have to Be – and Shouldn’t Be – Hard

Make the Choice to Get Out of the Rut You’re In
This Downtown Los Angeles Counselor can help…

You may be successful in many areas of your life – and yet something is wrong.

Your life isn’t fulfilling – perhaps you feel depressed or anxious.individual

Maybe you have the ‘relationship blues’ – you’re relationship has gone downhill or, you’re frustrated because you’re tired of being alone.

It could be that you don’t know what’s wrong – All you know is that you’re unhappy.

You might feel numb and detached…

Perhaps exhausted and burned out.

Individual counseling can help!

Some of the Problems That I Can Help You Solve:

  • Relationship struggles – whether you’re single or part of a couple (Couples Counseling)
  • Low mood, lacking motivation, feeling depressed
  • Anxiety – worrying and fretting much of the time
  • Experienced a stressful or traumatic event
  • Frustration and stress about work
  • Having difficulty navigating a major life change

If you resonate with any of the above, you’ve come to the right place.

I can help you with all the above issues and more. Whatever your struggles, life can be better.

Individual Counseling Can Improve Your Life – It’s Much More Than a Possibility…

When you decide to get help, you’re choosing to do what it takes to be happier and have a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

All you have to do is take the step to seek help and then commit to taking additional steps along the way until you reach your desired goals.

All of this is possible:

  • Enjoy the present instead of worrying about the past or future
  • Make choices that better fulfill your needs
  • Have healthier and more rewarding relationships
  • Feel more relaxed and at ease
  • Feel happier, more self-confident and more secure in who you are
  • Feel more fulfilled and have a more positive outlook on life

Step-by step you can achieve all of the above and more.

Why Choose Me as Your Therapist?

Mark TinleyI’ve been helping people solve their problems for 11 years. I’m a compassionate and non-judgmental therapist who knows how to help you get to where you want to be.

I use a variety of established counseling methods depending on what will work best for you. You control the direction of therapy and decide on the goals you want to achieve that fit with who you are and your life.

My role is to listen and guide towards your desired life. I ‘m relentless when it comes to helping you find a solution to your problems. If something doesn’t work, we’ll try another strategy – we do whatever it takes until you feel good about yourself and your life.

My office is in Downtown Los Angeles. I work with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds, ethnic groups, and ages. I work with locals as well as ex-pats and those in the corporate sector.

Regardless of your problems, age, and background, I can help.

If you can relate to what you’ve read here, it’s likely that we’re a good fit to work together.

I’d love to help you create the life that you long for…

If you’re ready to get started in Individual Counseling, contact me at my Downtown LA office now.

I’ll answer any questions you have and let you know how I can help.