Having a Teenager Can Turn Your Life Upside Down

Teen counseling can help solve their problems so you can sleep peacefully at night

Find out how this Downtown LA counselor can help…

Teen Counseling can solve conflict

As a parent, there is nothing worse than worrying about your child who is struggling or causing problems in your family or in the community.

Whether it’s issues of school performance, problems with peers, conflict with you, acting out behaviors, or depression or anxiety, it can be incredibly stressful.

Your teen’s problems can wreak havoc in your home and keep you up at night.

You likely worry about your child’s future and perhaps the future of your family.

Common behaviors that cause parents to seek teen counseling:

  • Acting out behaviors at school – not listening, acting aggressively
  • Not listening or cooperating at home; rebelling
  • Withdrawn and isolated from peers
  • Intense emotional outbursts – crying, frustration, anger
  • Being bullied or is bullying others
  • Using alcohol or drugs
  • Sleeping or eating problems
  • Problems with eating
  • Suffering from anxiety or depression

If your adolescent is showing signs of any of the above, you’re probably very concerned and perhaps discouraged.

You may feel helpless as to what to do. You’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work.

Part of You Wishes You Could Give Up…
But as You Well Know, Giving Up is Not an Option

Unfortunately, you can’t give up on your child. BUT, you don’t have to continue worrying, fretting, and feeling angry and exhausted.

You don’t have to resign yourself to thinking there is not a solution.


Teen counseling is the path that can help you solve their struggles.

It is never too late help your teen turn his or her life around. It can take time and some effort, but as a counselor, I can help your teen live a more productive life.

Restoring peace and harmony in your family is possible.

You’ll be relieved when your teen is not only behaving appropriately but is thriving.

Here’s What Your Teen’s Life Can Look Like

  • Shows more happiness; is more secure and confident
  • Has better social relationships with peers
  • Copes better with life’s challenges
  • Sleeps and eats better
  • Cooperates at home and shows respect for you and other family members

Here’s What Your Life as a Parent Can Look Like

  • Feel relaxed and at ease knowing you teen is doing well
  • Have a positive and enjoyable relationship with your child
  • Feel re-energized and hopeful about your teen’s and your family’s future
  • Focus more on your own needs that have been neglected
  • Be the parent you want to be – feel confident and in control

I’ve Been Counseling Teens and Their Parents for 11 Years.Mark Tinley

I’m non-judgmental, supportive and understanding. I work with you and your teenager in a very down to earth way.
I listen attentively to you and your child and we set realistic and practical goals that are achievable.
I know how to help your teen with his or her problems. I can also help you and your teen communicate better and develop a stronger, closer relationship.

I’ve Raised 3 Adolescents –
I Understand How Challenging Parenting Teens Can Be

I’m a parent of 4 children and have gone through the teen years with 3 of them. I understand the frustrations of parents and how difficult it is when your teen is not doing well.
I have learned that having open, respectful communication with your teen where you really listen to his or her world is critical. Often you and your teen likely want similar things, the differences are a matter of understanding one another’s perspective.

While this sounds easy, it often isn’t.

That is where I come in to help with my professional and personal experience and skills. I know you might be frustrated and perhaps skeptical that teen counseling can help.

But, when you’ve tried everything and things don’t improve, it is time for professional help.

Imagine how good you’ll feel knowing that your teen is happy and being productive in his or her life.

Contact me for a no-charge phone consultation.

You can tell me the problems you’re having with your teen and I’ll let you know how I can help.

I offer sessions in person in my office in Downtown Los Angeles or via phone or Skype.