Trauma-Informed Series – For Helping Professionals and Agencies

trauma workshopInstead of “what’s wrong”, let’s ask “what happened”!

Medical and behavioral health professionals have a long tradition of focusing on symptom and behavior management, which can be disempowering to our clients who continue to struggle with the impact of what has happened to them: adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), traumatic losses, abusive relationships, community violence, etc. Repeated large scale studies on ACEs have showed that the number adverse childhood events one is positively correlated to the number of health and mental health challenges in ones’ lives.

Trauma-Informed Care was developed by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration to support helping professionals to better recognize the impact of traumatic experiences, and to respond specifically with trauma-informed knowledge and practices. In other words, the sources of people’s challenges can truly be acknowledged and resolved. This change requires a paradigm shift of individual helping professionals’ mindset and a change of organizational culture in an agency setting.

Over the years, Sharon has conducted many trainings and consultation groups on Trauma-Informed Care to helping professionals and agencies.

Here are some of the training topics covered:

  • Basics of trauma-informed care practice
  • Screening, assessment and treatment planning in working with trauma
  • Trauma and the physiological process
  • Autonomic/Emotional dysregulation and complications
  • Principles in working with traumatic memories
  • Attachment trauma and its impact on relationships
  • Role of dissociation in trauma-related disorders
  • Working with intense affect like shame, fear, and anger
  • Working with high-risk behaviors related to trauma
  • Trauma-informed and/or reflective supervision
  • Trauma-informed strategic planning and evaluation
  • Preventing vicarious trauma and self-care

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